Fresh From the Pacific
POWA designs are fresh from the pacific. They are created and produced in New Zealand by Auckland artist Jim Griffiths.
Pacific Cards
HibiscusFrangipani2 FishSea Turtle

The first in a series of Pacific inspired cards. Jim Griffiths brings you into his world of original, bold and quirky designs from his home -  Aotearoa (New Zealand). Uniquely New Zealand and Proudly Pacific.


Set of 4 Cards
You can purchase these cards either:
individually for $NZ 4.95
as a set of four $NZ 18.00
or as a gift box set (12 cards) for $NZ 30.00
Cards are 150mmx150mm
Envelopes are 160 x 160mm

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Box set of 12 Gift Cards
POWA used the services of packaging designer Simmie Nichols to create the Gift Box, it is produced from 100% recycled fibre. The cards are elemental chlorine free and acid free (enhancing longevity). Order it Here
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